Pyramid Model Resources


The Basics

How Pyramid relates to other programs and standards

The Connecticut Core Knowledge and Competencies and the Pyramid Model (CKC)

Supporting Adults and Children

Adult Self Care/Managing Stress Part 1

Other resources for families and providers

Programs implementing the Pyramid Model engage families at every tier. Programs and practitioners need to consider:

  • Strategies for welcoming and supporting diverse families
  • How to create opportunities to learn from families
  • Ways to partner with families to promote child outcomes
  • What supports and services families might need to promote their child’s skill development

For information about the importance of family engagement, read this policy statement on family engagement from the U.S. Department of Education.

For family engagement strategies, check out:

Back Pack Series

The Back Pack series is designed to help teachers and families work together on a strategy or skill. A few examples of their handouts include:

  • How to Give Clear Directions
  • How to Help Your Child Stop Hitting and Pushing
  • How to Help Your Child Stop Whining
  • How to Help Your Child Avoid Meltdowns

The complete series is available on the NCPMI website. Many of these are available in multiple languages including Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin and Arabic.


Toolkits are on page information for families and providers that give tips, tool, books and resources on important topics

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Last updated March 29, 2022