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Connecticut’s Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS) outline what children from birth to age five should know and be able to do. This page has all of the related documents.

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CT ELDS table of contents

Supplementary materials

 Supporting All Children Using the CT ELDS

CT ELDS Alignment Documents

CT ELDS resources for families

The CT ELDS Strategies for Learning at Home include ideas for supporting learning at home and in the community in both English and Spanish. The strategies focus on activities that are likely to be a part of daily routines. There is a document for each of the age bands from the CT ELDS, as well as some extra age bands for infants.

This CT ELDS Learning at Home Planning Grid can be used to plan when strategies might be used as a part of daily routines.

The CT ELDS Action Guides provide an overview of each domain of learning with ideas for supporting infants/toddlers and preschools. The Action Guides are available as a pamphlet that includes both English and Spanish

Supporting All Children Using the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards: A Guide for Families contains a series of documents that providers can share with families. Documents include an overview of the CT ELDS and handouts for each age range included in the CT ELDS.

Resources for schools

Early Childhood SRBI (Scientifically Research Based Interventions):

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Copies of the following documents may be requested online and picked up at one of six locations across the state. There will be limited availability of boxes/or bags at pick up locations so those requesting documents will be expected to bring necessary containers for transporting requested documents.

  • CT Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS)
  • CT ELDS Action Guides
  • The CT Documentation and Observation for Teaching System (CT DOTS) Observation Progression Book
  • CT DOTS User’s Manual
  • CT DOTS Flipchart (Note: the flipcharts are packaged with paper band and are hole-punched in the upper left hand corner but do not come with metal rings)
Last updated September 21, 2022