Getting Paid and Using Program Stabilization Funding

Receiving payment

All eligible programs will get their payments as soon as possible. It usually takes about 4 weeks. 

When you applied, you had the option to get paid by:

  • Direct deposit
  • Paper check mailed to the address you included on the application

Learn more about setting up direct deposit with the Office of the State Comptroller.

Multi-site organizations will get a single payment for all sites. 

  • Payments by check: You’ll see a breakdown by license number for all sites in the check’s memo section
  • Direct deposit payments: We’ll email you a spreadsheet separating out the payment amounts by license number

What you can spend the funds on 

The purpose of the funds is to help your program stay open. You can use them to support operating and business expenses after January 2020. This includes payments for:


  • Personnel costs, including payroll, salaries, or similar compensation for an employee (including any sole proprietor or independent contractor), and benefits
  • Premium pay or costs for employee recruitment and retention, including but not limited to staff bonuses, wage increases, costs of insurance coverage, retirement, educational advancement, tuition reimbursement, and child care costs


  • Rent (including rent under a lease agreement), payment on any mortgage obligation, utilities, or insurance
  • Facility maintenance or improvements, including outdoor learning spaces/playgrounds

Equipment and supplies

  • Personal protective equipment, including cleaning and sanitization supplies and services, and training and professional development related to health and safety practices
  • Purchases of or updates to equipment and supplies to respond to COVID–19
  • Goods and services necessary to maintain or resume child care services

Training and support

  • Mental health supports for children and employees
  • Health and safety trainings for staff, including but not limited to CPR, First Aid, and medication administration

You need to spend all funds by September 30, 2024.

Payments may be taxable

All organizations receiving payments must report payments as income to the program.

  • If your program is for-profit, these funds are taxable
  • If your program is non-profit or not-for-profit organization, these funds are tax exempt

You’re responsible for tracking how you used the funds. This includes making sure funds from different sources or opportunities don’t pay for the same things. If you need support you can call the Women’s Business Development Council at 203-751-9550 ext. 113 or

Keep records of how you use the money

You must keep complete records of how you used the funding for at least 3 years. OEC may ask to see them. These records may include: 

  • Program records and other records related to your application
  • Documentation to verify attendance of children and/or hours of care provided outside of business hours 
  • Records of expenses and supporting documentation, like:
    • Mortgage/rent/space cost statements 
    • Utility statements  
    • Payroll and benefits records  
    • Original invoices or receipts for purchases of materials or supplies
    • Documentation of other benefits provided to child care staff members such as coverage of insurance costs or tuition reimbursement

Special cases

If your program applies for funding but closes before you receive it:

We created this program to help programs stay open. So if your program has closed, you need to return the money to OEC. 

You also need to contact OEC’s Licensing division to close your program’s license. Call them at 860-500-4450 or 800-282-6063.

Questions about applying?

We’re happy to help. Call 2-1-1 Child Care at 800-505-1000 or send us an email.

Learn more about Program Stabilization Funding

Last updated July 13, 2023