Apply for Wage Supports

Wage Supports for Early Childhood Educators offers payments to staff at eligible child care programs. Get an overview of the program.

This page outlines how program administrators can apply beginning in early March, 2023.

Payments are for staff, but only child care programs can apply

Staff members don’t apply directly for Wage Supports. Instead, the child care program that employs them applies for the funding. When the program receives the money, they pay the staff. Learn the program.

Before you start

1. Check your email

If your program is eligible, you should have received an email from with a link to the application on March 2. 

Make sure to follow the link in your own email. Don’t use a link shared by someone else.

What if I don’t get the email?

First, check your spam folder. If it’s not there, and you didn’t receive an email by March 8, contact the United Way.

  • Call 800-505-1000 
  • Email 
What if we’re a multi-site organization?

We will send a specific email to the administrator of each site. You need to fill out a separate application for each one. If a staff member works at multiple sites, only count them at one site on the application. 

2. Fill out the application

Follow the link in your email. The application will guide you through the process. 

You have the option to receive your payment through direct deposit. Learn more about setting up direct deposit with the Office of the State Comptroller.

When you’re done, submit the application online.

Want to apply in Spanish?

Call 2-1-1 Child Care at 1-800-505-1000. They have Spanish-speaking staff who can help you complete the application.

For reference, you can also use these Spanish translations of the questions in the online application. You can consult the translation and then fill out the corresponding questions (in Spanish) in the online application.

What’s next

OEC will review your application along with the others we receive, starting on March 31.

If your application is approved, expect payment no later than June 30, 2023.

Remember that wage support payments are taxable for staff and for-profit programs. 

Questions about applying?

We’re happy to help. Contact 2-1-1 Child Care at:

Learn more about the program

Last updated March 9, 2023