Program Leadership Initiative (PLI)

The Program Leadership Initiative (PLI) offers college-credit coursework and other professional development opportunities to improve the competencies and qualifications of Connecticut’s early care and education program administrators. 

Who is the PLI for?

The PLI is for current administrators of early care and education programs. The initiative assists administrators in meeting:

The PLI is also linked with other OEC initiatives for programs, including free workshops, training, and technical assistance to guide improvement efforts.

What people are saying about PLI courses:

“This admin course was extremely helpful in my new role as the administrator. The course objectives were valuable & specific to what I do. The professors were highly effective in carrying out these objectives in an engaging and reflective manner. This course was of “high caliber” in terms of instruction! Thank you!”

“Great instructors, great materials. So happy I got to take this class and connect with other directors.” 

“I really appreciate the opportunity to learn about budgeting and to realize how important it is to my role and program quality.”

“This has been a great opportunity — I was dragged in kicking and screaming, but by the middle of Day 3, I was hooked.”

What does the PLI focus on?

The PLI focuses on 5 competency areas specific to program administration:

  • Survey (general overview of program administration)
  • Leadership
  • Personnel
  • Family and community
  • Finance 

For coursework: Program administrators can take classes through PLI or apply for an OEC scholarship to cover related coursework offered at a college convenient to them. 

For more information, visit the OEC Registry website

Last updated April 15, 2021